his master's voice (batshit) wrote,
his master's voice

In Every Dream Home, Tofurkey

So I've got the day off, or maybe I'm unemployed...not sure which.
But all I really wanna talk about at this point is Giant Metal Robots.
I can squelch this feeling, but it's going to take both hands. There...
that's better. Now I can just reach around with my third hand
and keep typing.

In strict defiance of these Comical Roboticals, let me introduce the
concept of the Berm Home. I like these so much I have, several times today
in actual fact considered changing my name to Mister "So I Like Berm Homes, So Effin' What?"
(which would have the added bonus of looking GREAT on a resume!).

The Vikings had 'em; People in Fairy Tales who lived in Hollow Hills had 'em;
coming up in the 1970's, National Geographic had 'em; Bauhaus made a song about 'em. Not believing the Hype? The indoor temp stays at 70 degrees, no heating or cooling, no fuss no muss...

Now get the FU*K off my lawn before I attempt to sell you something else.
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