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Sat, May. 28, 2005 Associated Press

Man, 66, killed accidentally by sledgehammer wielded against bat


"A man was accidentally killed by a sledgehammer his son-in-law was swinging at a bat that had flown into the home they shared, police said. Francis V. Mercier, 66, of East Mead Township, was hit in the head Friday by the three-pound hammer as his son-in-law, D. J. Delancey, was trying to kill the animal with it.

Delancey and his wife had moved into Mercier's home a few years ago, neighbors said. Delancey accidentally struck Mercier, who was standing behind him, about 1 a.m. Friday, police said.

Results of an autopsy performed Saturday were not immediately available. But police and Crawford County Coroner Patrick McHenry said the death appeared to be an accident."

Here's hoping the BAT made it out OK, at the least. This seems like a strange omen.

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