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Second entry down on THIS SITE

is a link to the photography of Yoshida Tatsuya,

chronicling some of the stone sculptures of the world
(which aren't very in-depth; his pics of
Ellora + Elephanta, India, could've done more justice
to the erotic sculptures that've been there for 2000
years...as well as more pics of Angkor Wat, but there
it is, anyway.)</p>

He's also the drummer for the Japanoise/Prog band, Ruins.
They are so tight, it's incredible; forget about John Zorn,
you haven't heard Hardcore Punk/Jazz/Prog fusion until</p>
you've heard
these people...</p>


and direct DL from


More Directly, HERE.


As well as Lake of Dracula, and Zeni Geva.
Check it out, if you haven't already.

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